Best Sunday Setup Routine to Simplify Your Week

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Your weekend is on the downslope and it’s time to kick this Sunday into high gear. I’ve compiled a few ideas to implement into your Sunday routine for a better week. When you know what needs to be done and you put a system in place to get it done, life just runs smoothly.  Here are some things I like to do.


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Food On the Brain. The first thing I like to do is get out my recipe binder and see if there’s any “old faithfuls” in there I’d like to make. My “old faithfuls” are tried and true recipes that I know are fan favorites in my household. Usually, I try to pick out 1 recipe that we’ve never had before to see if it can make it to the list of “old faithfuls”. My favorite place to find recipes is Pinterest. Besides family recipes I’ve learned over the years, Pinterest is my number one go to spot to find something new.


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  • What’s on the calendar this week that might effect dinner time?

  • Do I have any crockpot or freezer meals on deck to go?

  • What ingredients do I have already that need to be used up?

  • How many meals do I need to plan on making?

My main focus when planning is usually on dinners. I sometimes make some things like egg bites for breakfasts to be eaten throughout the week but, I usually have quick breakfast options that I can prepare in the mornings. Lunches usually often consists of salads or leftovers from the night before so not much need for planning there.Once I have my dinner menu lined up, I decide what parts I will prep ahead of time and put any needed ingredients on the grocery list.

Get Your Space In Order. Chores. Yes, chores. This is my necessary evil of every Sunday. Getting started on the things I need to do inside the house first and errands second are how I like to approach this.

  1. Laundry

  2. Cleaning rooms in the house

  3. Clean out the refrigerator

  4. Grocery shop

standards of success balance your life, family and goals busy moms productivity organization hacks

A list that seems so short takes up quite a bit of time. This is where my good friend DELEGATE comes in. Let the kids get in on all this fun mom action. I typically start washing the laundry on Saturdays, Sunday is when my son helps with folding. I go through the kitchen with my phone and type up my grocery list.

Organize Your Threads. Take some time to check  the upcoming week’s weather forecast so you can plan your and your little’s (depending on their age) outfits for the week. Getting your clothes laid out and ready for the week saves tons of time in the mornings. Make your you try on your looks just to make sure you like the way you’ve paired everything. I can’t tell you how many times I have an outfit picked out in my head but, I’m not liking how it looks once I put it on.

standards of success balance your life, family and goals busy moms productivity organization hacks

Clean Out Your Bag. Raise your hand if your purse is a “catch all”? I’ve literally been told my purse feels like it has bricks in it. My bag can get so loaded with randomness it’s ridiculous. Those receipts, coins, papers, and empty granola bar wrappers can certainly pile up, and that’s the last thing you want to carry with you into a new week. Take a few minutes on Sunday to clean out the inside of your purse and make sure you’re  prepared with the necessities you’ll need for the next day.

Take Some Time to Relax. You’ve just spent most of the day planning for the week. It’s time to concentrate on you. If I can be so lucky, I like to be done with my Sunday routine by 6 pm on Sunday night. After 6 is my time to relax for the evening. I like to have my shower and just enjoy my time before bed.  

Do you have a routine set in place to make your week smoother? Please share some of your tips below.