5 Proven Secrets for a Balanced Mom Life


Is your tank running on E?


News flash ladies (and gents if you’re reading), balance does not mean balancing “doing it all”. No one can do it all without eventually suffering burnout which could be what someone reading this is feeling right now. Having a balanced life means making time for the things you HAVE TO do as well as the things you LIKE TO do. With kids this can seem impossible but, with a little bit of groundwork, moms can get it done.



Proven Secrets For a Balanced Life

If you don’t plan your activities and prioritize your to-do list you’ll surely forget when something has to be done and be pulled in every direction trying to complete you tasks.

·        lay everything out on the table

·        make a list

·        sort your list

·        create a plan of action for your list

mommy do list printable.jpg

Get your planner or digital calendar, get some paper or a notebook, a pen and get to work. Lay everything out on the table that you need to do. If it’s a paper that needs to be completed and returned to the kids’ school, an email you need to follow up on, anything that requires your attention in the next 7 days should be laid out and ready to be dealt with. Make a list of the various tasks you must complete and places you need to be. After school activities, appointments, projects etc.. Put your list in order of priority. What must you do now and what can you do later. Create a plan of tackling this list. Are there steps you must do prior to completing certain tasks? Be sure to write that down as well. All there’s left to do now is take the list to the planner and fill it in.



For some of us staying organized can be difficult. but, with practice it can be done. One of the things I pride myself on being able to do is having a place for certain things and putting things back in their place when I am done with it. Let me tell you something else, it annoys me to no end when someone uses something of mine and doesn’t put it back where they got it from. Grrrr. I digress, use a planner or digital calendar to put your to do list on. You can color code and put a decorative flair to it…. ya know, to distract yourself from all the crap you gotta do.


I know this may be difficult for some of us moms to do since we like to “do it all”. It is vital to our sanity that we accept help from others whenever possible.

Why should we delegate?

Proven Secrets For a Balanced Life
  • Allow yourself to “fail”. Many times moms think if they aren’t able to do every little thing that they THINK are “mom duties” that its somehow equates to failure. I’m here to tell you, “mom duties” can easily be turned into “dad duties” and “big brother/big sister duties”. Everyone can help with the duties that make the family thrive together and when a family works together, no one “fails”.

  • Practice makes perfect. It’s never to early to teach your children life skills they will someday need. The only way they will become proficient is be allowed the opportunity to practice.

  • You don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes it maybe necessary to hire a professional to complete certain tasks because we just don’t know what we’re doing. You just might end up costing yourself more time and money when you try to be Jack (or Jill) of all trades.

4. get a routine

When you know what needs to be done and you put a system in place to get it done, life just runs smoothly. Routines help us feel more in control of things in our lives. Routines help us better manage time so we can make time for other things we need to do or other things we like to do. Even when things go awry if you’ve got a routine in place of how you’ll get things done, it will be easier to reign it all in and get back on track.


5. take some me time.

This could very easily be the most important thing you can do to bring some balance to your life. When mama is a wreck, the family is a wreck. You’ve got to take some time for yourself. Do something you like to do. Do something that relaxes you. Schedule some time to just center yourself and relax your mind. Quiet time. I love quiet time.

How are you bringing more balance in your life? Do you already have some systems in place that you’d like to share with me? Please let me know in the comments below.